About the Faculty

The Faculty of Engineering in Arar was established after the founding of the Northern Border University under the Higher Education Council Resolution No. 20/46/1428 dated 06/2/1428 AH. The Faculty of Engineering awards Bachelor’s Degrees in the following disciplines: Industrial Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering; all these programs are ABET-accredited. The Faculty of Engineering at Northern Border University’s importance lies in preparing a qualified engineering generation capable of supporting the industry and contributing to the technological revolution that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing today by attracting elite faculty members and providing the latest laboratories and necessary equipment. In the teaching of its courses, the Faculty of Engineering relies on the latest high-impact educational practices (HIPs), which will create an attractive learning environment for students, build their abilities, increase their educational attainment, and help them achieve the maximum benefit from their attendance and prepare them for the labor market to achieve the university’s strategic plan, which takes Vision2030 as a method.

    Dr. Yahya bin Saleh Al-Assaf
    Dean of Faculty of Engineering

    Vision and Mission


    We aspire to be a pioneer in engineering education, scientific research, and community service.


    Providing high-quality engineering education and distinguished scientific research to serve the community and the requirements of mining and development in the Kingdom.


    • Providing distinguished academic programs that meet the requirements of development and mining. 
    • Preparing distinguished engineering cadres to compete in the labor market.
    • Attracting and retaining distinguished faculty and researchers. 
    • Promoting scientific research and innovation. 
    • Developing Community partnership. 
    • Continuous development of services, equipment, and facilities. 

    Facts and Figures